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PolkaDot Cerclé | Organic Cotton Bath Towel

PolkaDot Cerclé | Organic Cotton Bath Towel

Stainless Steel Cup + Saucer + Spoon are Included!

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The PolkaDot Cerclé Organic Cotton Bath Towel adds a playful twist to your bathroom essentials. Ideal for adding a pop of fun to your bathing experience, this towel combines functionality with whimsical style.


  • Material: Made with 100% organic long-staple cotton for unmatched softness and resilience.
  • Design: A delightful polka dot pattern that brings a light-hearted touch to any bathroom decor.
  • Size: Comes in versatile sizes of 34x76cm and 70x140cm, catering to all your drying needs.


  • Easy to care for by machine washing and can be tumble dried on low or air-dried for longevity.
  • Its quality ensures it remains soft and vibrant through countless washes.
  • Free Shipping Over $75
  • Washer Safe
  • 30 Day Guarentee

PolkaDot Cerclé | Organic Cotton Bath Towel

Regular price $40.00
Sale price $40.00 Regular price $57.00
SAVE 29% Sold out
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Playful Elegance, Eco-Friendly Essence

With the PolkaDot Cerclé towel from Zenware, experience a blend of playful elegance and environmental responsibility. It's not just a towel; it's a statement of fun, fashion, and sustainability in your daily life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Benjamin Miller
Making Bath Time Fun (For Grown-Ups Too!)

Bath time isn't just for kids anymore! This PolkaDot Cerclé towel makes even the most mundane shower routine a delight. The polka dots are playful and uplifting, and the organic cotton is like a gentle hug. It absorbs water quickly and dries fast – perfect for a quick post-shower pick-me-up.

Isabella Brown
Sustainable Luxury for Less

Sustainable living shouldn't have to break the bank, and this towel proves it! The organic cotton is high-quality and eco-friendly, and the polka dot design adds a touch of whimsy. It's a win-win for both my wallet and the planet.

David Anderson
Small But Mighty (The Hand Towel)

Don't let the size fool you – this PolkaDot Cerclé hand towel is mighty! The organic cotton is incredibly soft and absorbent, perfect for drying your hands after washing. The polka dot design adds a touch of whimsy to my bathroom counter, and it washes beautifully.

William Hernandez
The Towel for Budding Picassos (Kids)

My kids' imaginations run wild with the PolkaDot Cerclé towel! They see the polka dots as stepping stones, constellations, or even a game of connect-the-dots. The organic cotton is soft and absorbent, and it holds up to their endless playtime. It's a towel that inspires creativity in the bathroom.

Amelia Garcia
A Towel for Aspiring Minimalists (with a Twist)

The PolkaDot Cerclé design is a minimalist's dream with a playful twist! The single element of polka dots adds a touch of personality without overwhelming the space. The organic cotton is soft and absorbent, proving that simple can also be delightful. It's the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to a minimalist bathroom.


Why Zenware™

Zenware™ are handcrafted with recycled clay, paint, and organic materials.

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